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Cheatahs - Mythologies - Bundle


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Cheatahs - Mythologies - Bundle

Bundle Mythologies CD/LP with your choice of Cheatahs LP and Extended Plays LP to save 15% on your purchase!

Recorded over the past year, Mythologies takes its name from Roland Barthes’ 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth, which influenced the record along with such varied themes and inspirations as: Freudian ‘screen memory,’ the fluidity of recollection, meta-modernism, hospitalization on tour, syndicalism, dramatist Dennis Potter, Early music and neo-mysticism (to name a few).

Cheatahs: A roaring mix of ecstatic noise, ambient drone, and resounding alt-rock, Cheatahs expands the sound found on the band’s Extended Plays (a compilation of their two UK-exclusive 2012 EPs Coared and SANS) released in the US last February. Throughout the album, Cheatahs maintain a pitch-perfect balance of melody, noise, and texture, from the barreling guitar wall of “Geographic” to the gentler, sinuous “Mission Creep;” from the anthemic “The Swan” (an altered take from the Extended Plays version) to the charging, multi-parted atmospherics of “Kenworth;” and from the evocative, swooning “IV” to the booming “Get Tight.” In addition to “Cut The Grass,” which premiered on The AV Club in August (“…crunchy textures with dreamy melodies and wispy vocal harmonies”), track “Fall” premiered on Pitchfork in March as an early taste of the album and was quickly declared a “…catchy-as-f*ck soaring-guitar anthem” by Stereogum. Loose themes of nature, the city, memory, dislocation, self-identity and the complexities of relationships run through all the songs, which were recorded and mixed by bassist Dean Reid and produced by the band, in keeping with their previous releases.

Extended Plays: Cheatahs frontman Nathan Hewitt and guitarist James Wignall met eight years ago while working in a Camden pub, and instantly bonded over their shared passion for music and Seinfeld. Nathan had just moved to London from his hometown of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, while James, originally from Leicester, had moved to the capital after studying in Leeds. Fast-forward six years----each having played in various bands in between----and the friends finally began to work seriously together when Nathan asked James to collaborate on a batch of songs he'd been working on. The musical understanding between the two was instantaneous and they went about recruiting two friends to complete the lineup----bassist and producer Dean Reid, who had moved to London from San Diego, California, a few years before, and drummer Marc Raue, originally from Dresden, Germany.

Following a few tapes and seven inches on various labels, in June this year Cheatahs released their first EP, Coared, recorded and produced by Dean, on Marshall Teller Records, of which the NME wrote: "by pushing the hooks and melodies to the fore and not just relying on the 'sound,' this new quartet are elevating themselves to be one of the best."

With songs written by Nathan and James beginning to pile up, the band decided to make a follow up EP immediately. Again produced by Dean, the quartet recorded the bulk of the music in their Hackney studio over a weekend in June. Shortly after, the band supported Milk Music in east London, a gig at which, as luck would have it, Mark and Ben from Wichita were in attendance. The duo were impressed by the set and asked the band if they had any recorded music they could listen to. After hearing Coared and the unreleased songs, Wichita offered to sign Cheatahs and put out the newly recorded EP -- SANS -- as their first release on the label. In February 5 the Extended Plays will be released in the US. The album combines the two UK releases of Coared and SANS.

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